Visioning workshops

Focusing on the needs of creative businesses,our Visioning workshops help participants to prioritise and balance their commitments as well as planning how to get the best from their practice. By creating a narrative, attendees map their business network, explore value and identify change opportunities.

During phase one (2011-2012), 60 companies took part in the Visioning workshops. They included people working in glass, jewellery, textiles, ceramics and management consultancy. Phase two started in February 2014, targeting another 30 companies.

  • A network map highlighting strengths, weaknesses, gaps and actions
  • An exploration of how the company adds value and possible areas to add value in the future
  • An action timeline providing a guide for change
  • Discussing issues with like-minded companies to nd commonalities and solutions to problems
  • Challenging activities to provoke thoughts and effect real change

Textile artist Penelope Jordan at a Visioning workshop

I found the two days extremely useful, not least because the content helped me to reinforce that the action plan I am currently working with, which has been the result of my own research, evaluation and proactive nature, is on track." Maggie Hollinshead, Maggie's Studio.

“Thank you for an enjoyable and thought provoking day! There aren’t too many opportunities to sit back and take stock of where we are now, how we got here and where we want to go next.” Jonathan Harris, Jonathan Harris Studio Glass

"It was great listening to others and their experience in business and how they go about finding opportunities," Maria Wigley, Textile Artist