Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Maker Monday Techno hacking

Maker Monday is an initiative, led by the Transforming the Region team at Birmingham City University. It aims to establish a maker community in Birmingham inspired by modern technologies.

Each event starts with a presentation by an expert usually focusing on a particular technology. A workshop follows on that topic.  Anyone can join in - you don't have to have a particular set of technical skills.

Oh, and beer and pizza is promised too.

The next workshop ‘Hack the Kinect’ (getting creative with Microsoft’s Xbox motion control equipment) is at Birmingham Open Media (Dudley St) on November 30 at 5:15pm. 

Benedict Sheehan, visual interaction expert and Kinect hacking pioneer will lead the workshop. Examples of Benedict's work are a visual installation at Glastonbury, creating videos with multiple versions of himself and an interactive waterfall.

Tickets can be booked at Eventbrite

Maker Monday also aims to connect artists and technologists on projects that continue between the workshops. Collaborations to date are:

  • Living Archive. An interactive hologram of a sculpture for art galleries and museums, which debuted at Birmingham Open Media's JHB archive exhibition in September.
  • The Internet of clothes. Clothes are tagged with RFID (radio frequency identification) chips. If they are not worn for a while an alert is sent to Oxfam, which posts out a donation envelope.
  • A communication tool for children with autism .It uses open tools and libraries to create an affordable keyboard with a voice synthesiser that can turn the text into speech. 
  • The 3D doodling wand. An affordable wand that allows anyone to create 3D drawings on their computer.

For more information please visit https://twitter.com/maker_monday or email Gregory Hough: Gregory.Hough2@mail.bcu.ac.uk