Thursday, 21 May 2015

"What colour! What imagination! What vibrancy!"

Brinton rug - award winning design by BCU's Amy Newman

And, just to prove it, here are some images from the Birmingham City University Trends stand at the recent May Design Series expo in London. It comprised two installations each interpreting a trend selected by GlobalColor Research

The work was a collaboration between third year textile students and companies, including a number of West Midlands businesses and Tektura Wallcoverings. The stand itself was designed by BCU architecture students.

David Roberts, Executive Dean from BCU's Faculty of the Arts, Design and Media, speaking at the event celebrated the achievement of all involved, adding "What colour! What imagination! And what vibrancy!"

The Tropic set featured chairs by HF Contracts and carpet by Brintons. Brink showcased work by mrfdesign ltd, Textiles by St Anne's, Tiled Space and Interface Flooring.

"Best of all though was the inspiring work produced by Birmingham City University"


The second day of the exhibition featured the hotly awaited student awards. Visitors had voted throughout for the best wallpaper design. Angela Paterson from Tektura presented Sarah Meredith with her prize and acknowledged the high standard of all the student wall covering designs.

Sarah Meredith and Angela Paterson from Tektura Wall Coverings

Hannah Malein from GlobalColor also admitted that her judging had been made very difficult by the level of expertise displayed in the student work. The prize for Tropic went to Amy Newman for her Brintons' rug design. Shuangyuan Zhang took the Brink award for her  mrf design's s230 Flare Chaise.

Shuangyuan Zhang, Hannah Malein Globalcolor Research and Amy Newman

Brink - ceramic tiles by Tiled Space - fabric ones by Interface Flooring

Brink - s230 Flare Chaise by mrf ltd with award-winning design by Shuangyuan Zhang
Tropic - chairs by HF Contracts on Brintons rug and award -winning wallpaper by Sarah Meredith

In their blog Global Color Research™ said: "May Design Series featured several well considered and inspiring shows within shows………. Best of all though was the inspiring work produced by Birmingham City University, taking our trends Brink and Tropic as inspiration for both installations and fabric samples; with superb results.”

And the ILF team Ruth Edwards, Kathryn Burns and Adrian Burns

Photographs by David Boynton

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