Wednesday, 18 February 2015

How To Create A Brand

It is from a couple of years ago but this article by Marjo Johne in Canada's The Globe and Mail has some excellent points to make about brand creation. It includes Axle Davids, of Distility Branding in Toronto, sharing his thoughts. 
"The classic misconception is that branding is just about a logo or a name.” To do it right, he advises, start with these questions:
"Who is your target audience? Before you say “everybody” – which many businesses do out of fear they might limit themselves – think hard about who your most important customer is. That’s your primary audience, Mr. Davids says. Then identify your secondary and tertiary audiences.
What’s the competition doing? How are they addressing your target audience? This is easier to determine if you’re in a mature market with one or two well-entrenched competitors.
What’s your brand position? What sets you apart in your market? If you can’t answer this, then you’re losing on a critical concept of branding: how to differentiate yourself.
What’s your brand promise? Determine what you’re passionate about, fuse that with the needs of your target audience and you get your brand promise – the benefit that you promise to deliver.
What’s your brand personality? In what style will you deliver your brand promise? Will you be dependable but surprisingly fun? Will you be the hero, with better-than-the-rest deals that don’t compromise on quality?"
For the full article and links to other items on start-ups, entrepreneurship and blogging please see here.

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