Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Theme of Three Reoccurs Art Work made by 3D printing will be at TCT 25 and 26 September

Post by Interiors & Lifestyle Future member, Rob Cochrane, C21 Etruscan Ltd

"This remarkable design incorporates the latest developing 21 Century technology and shows that we have frontier imaginative thinking in Great Britain.

"The artwork, 'The Theme of Three Reoccurs' has been chosen by TCT Magazine to be exhibited at NEC because it shows yet more possibilities of 3D printing.

Robert Cochrane's 'Theme of Three Reoccurs' design

"Art deco objects are amongst the most elegant in the world and this can be seen in the Theme of Three Reoccurs Art Work. Because it is made by innovative processes in the Wet Midlands, it is therefore truly unique."

Expanded article here: http://www.tctmagazine.com/additive-manufacturing/theme-of-three-reoccurs-at-tct-show/

Details of TCT Show 25 and 26 September: http://www.tctshow.com/travel.html

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