Friday, 15 February 2013

Back to the Future glass expo ends in triumph

Excellent sales and visitor footfall mark a triumphant celebration of the West Midlands glass industry. The cultural and commercial success of the Back to the Future exhibition, which has just ended, is wonderful news for the artists and the region. And, it goes without saying, we are delighted at the part Interiors & Lifestyle Futures played in this achievement!  

Launch night of  Back to the Future photo Wendy Jones

As reported in the blog before, Back to the Future at Broadfield House Glass Museum celebrated 400 years of glass making in the region with each new work taking inspiration from an older piece.

Exhibition statistics

  • 7104 visitors (5650 adults & 1454 children).
  • Sales of £3,560 - exhibits and related shop stock 
  • £2,470 directly to the artists
  • A further £1,340  shared between Georgia Redpath & Darren Weed. This was for the purchase of pieces for Broadfield House's own collection. Costs shared between the Museum and 'The Friends of Broadfield House Glass Museum'
Darren Weed's glass peppers photo © Simon Bruntnell

Kari Moodie who oversaw the exhibition adds that several of the artists have acknowledged that Back to The Future has led them in new directions, "which is a very positive outcome." 

"Allister Malcolm has now sold many pieces in the ‘Through the Looking Glass’ range that he developed and some of the other artists have also made sales and contacts as a result of the exhibition.  At least two of the exhibits are off to a show in Shanghai and I have no doubt some of the other pieces will feature in future exhibitions."

Georgia Redpath's 'Deep Blue'  photo © Simon Bruntnell

Back to the Future was co-organised by Broadfield House’s Kari Moodie and glass artist Jaqueline Cooley Funders included Dudley Council, Friends of Broadfield House Glass Museum and Interiors & Lifestyle Futures.

Thanks to Kari for the exhibition feedback and congratulations on a brilliant exhibition.

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