Monday, 6 August 2012

Commercial art boost in Birmingham City Centre

A major commercial art collaboration launches in September at the Old Joint Stock public house, in Birmingham City Centre.

The ‘Joint Stock’ venture by Elly Clarke, Caitlin Griffiths and Charlie Levine, is part of a mission “to bring art to buyers and collectors.” It will open on 12 September and run until 9 November. Each of the trio is curating their own section of Joint Stock.

Elly Clarke, founder of the Clarke Gallery in Germany, will present “BERLIN/BIRMINGHAM/ BEYOND” – single edition framed works by artists from Berlin, Birmingham, Brussels, Melbourne and Singapore.

Caitlin Griffiths, director of Lamb White Ltd, established through our own ILF Venture scheme, will curate “4:3” – a series of commissioned works by artists scaled for the small screen and also available as digital editions

Charlie Levine founder of TROVE, will be presenting “The Postcard”, highlighting the work of exciting young artists from the Birmingham art scene and beyond.

As Clarke Griffiths Levine say: “In the current economic climate artists – as everyone - need to think of new ways to exist in the world and find innovative ways to produce, present, promote, commission, display and sell art, both online and off.”

L-R: Elly Clarke, Caitlin Griffiths and Charlie Levine.  Photo by: Diane Wiltshire

For opening times and further details of Joint Stock, please click here