Monday, 14 November 2011

Well done Will - winner of the pop up shop comp.

Congratulations to Will Cutler, winner of the Birmingham City Centre pop-up shop competition, we blogged about last month . Will is on the ILF Venture mentoring programme, which is supporting new West Midlands' businesses.

Interiors & Lifestyle Future is delighted one of the ILF community has won this prestigious  prize. Will will be running his own shop right over the festive period into the New Year, at The Square, Corporation St, in Birmingham City Centre.

Will, who is setting up F7 Jewellery to help jewellers and other new designers, has written us a blog all about it. Don't forget to pop in and see Will, especially if you are on the look out for a beautiful gift  at this time of year .

Post Will Cutler
My shop is running from 15 November until the end of January and it's a fantastic opportunity for me to try out one of the aspects of my business plan relatively risk free, as I had planned to use pop up shops as a method of retail in the future. This has given me the chance to see if it is a viable offer to make to the designers that I will represent, as well as hopefully making some much needed capital for the start of my business. If all goes well, the use of pop up shops will definitely become a part of my company in the future.

"Being on the ILF Venture programme has helped me to do this"

Although it's been quite a struggle to organise all my suppliers as quickly as I have had to, it has already shown me the importance of having a diverse network of people around you, with many of my go-to designers already booked up and busy over the Christmas period. It's also forced me to think about the other disciplines of craft I could represent such as ceramics, art and textiles, as the practicalities of filling a huge shopping unit with jewellery in such short notice is rather difficult. Caitlin Griffiths, a colleague on ILF Venture has been a great help. I've been able to ask her to source artwork for me and as she is an art professional I can trust her opinion on hanging and display.

Just three of the desirable gifts on sale at Will's pop up shop

Just by being on the ILF Venture programme has helped me to do this, as I wouldn't have even known about the competition, as well as all the help I have received, which has allowed me to take advantage of this opportunity.  

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Tw: or @F7jewelleryabout last month.