Monday, 6 June 2011

Visioning workshops – a creative approach for creative people

Post Adrian Burns
In Spring 2011, Laura Pollard, creative business consultant, attended one of Interiors & Lifestyle Futures’ visioning workshops to help her business development plans. She ‘s recently reviewed that experience on her blog.

“When you talk about planning for business development in the creative industries, it’s sometimes like reading French Vogue, the pictures look great and the products are to-die-for, but your schoolgirl French means you’re tempted to only read every third word of the article and skim over the real meaning.

“Luckily, the ‘visioning’ element of the workshop [provided] a visual and talkative way to approach the entire event.”

Laura Pollard at an Interiors & Lifestyle Futures visioning workshop

Interiors & Lifestyle Futures’ visioning workshops help a variety of West Midlands’ small businesses and sole traders, particularly in the creative industries, to focus on critical business opportunities. They are an excellent environment for people, normally spending days if not weeks working in isolation, to bounce ideas of others like them, to pool knowledge and to share useful contacts. The visioning workshops are also a great platform for growing a new network of colleagues.

Since posting her visioning workshop review, Laura has begun collaborating with fellow workshop participant, Victoria Delany, silversmith and product designer. Laura is helping Victoria with her upcoming product launch at Origin crafts fair this September, providing marketing/PR services.

Victoria Delany's 'candlestacks' and bespoke table ware

Don’t forget to read Laura’s blog and get an update on what some of her visioning workshop colleagues are up to fellow attendees are now up to.

Limited spaces available
Visioning workshop 5 Part 1 5 July, Part 2 19 July
Visioning workshop 6 Part 1 6 July, Part 2 20 July

If you’d like to book a place, register your interest for a future visioning workshop or want to know more, please email or telephone: 0121 331 7925