Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Business opportunity database to bring companies together

We’re always meeting new and dynamic companies within the interiors and lifestyle industries and many have synergies that could lead to collaborative opportunities. The trouble is that all this synergy data does not exist in a usable format that can help broker company relationships.

To this end, we’re working with collaboration expert Ken Thompson who has a track record of bringing together diverse communities of businesses to grow sales and enter new markets. He is helping us to develop an opportunity and business networking database to intelligently connect and match West Midlands’ interiors and lifestyle companies.

We recently ran a workshop with several Interiors & Lifestyle Futures companies as part of the development process. Given their very positive feedback we intend to drive this database forward.

Companies participating in the business opportunity database workshop

“The rationale of this database is to keep business alive within the West Midlands.” Chandru Ray, md Ecolec

“Growing sales is my aim and I’m happy to be part of this initiative.” David Hendley, md

We would welcome your comments and views. Is this the sort of thing that would interest your company? If so please get in touch with Navin Sood or 0121 331 7925.