Monday, 28 March 2011

Meet the BBC's Dragons' Den team

Post Adrian Burns
Calling all dynamic - and brave - West Midlands business people: following previous posts an exciting addition to the roster for the Walsall and Stafford Intellectual Property workshops has just been announced. The production team behind the BBC's Dragons' Den - and some of the entrepreneurs who've faced the Dragons and survived - will be there.

So, if you are a West Midlands Interiors and Lifestyle Futures company looking for investment in your business or new idea and you'd like to find out more about the Dragons' Den application process this will be a golden opportunity. Neil Westwood, Magic Whiteboard one of the most successful investments to enter the Den, will be at the Walsall IP workshop on 5 April to tell his story while Peter Neath, Grillstream, will reveal all at the Stafford workshop on 13 April.
Are you ready to take on the Dragons?

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You can also produce your own free online IP Health check here. Then just take the confidential report it creates along to a workshop and discuss with one of the IP experts.

And if you'd like to hear how useful and enjoyable previous attendees have found the workshops there's a short video here

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