Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Business opportunities in the United Arab Emirates

Post by Pat Steele UKTI

Export of interiors and lifestyle products to the United Arab Emirates has increased dramatically over recent years, continuing despite the economic downturn. UK businesses are taking part in the UAE’s property and construction, hotel, leisure and consumer sectors and Dubai and Abu Dhabi account for the majority of goods that Britain exports to the region.

A collaboration between UKTI, Walsall Equestrian Society and Interiors & Lifestyle Futures gave a number of West Midlands companies a chance in November 2010 to promote their design-led products in this lucrative market.
Five equestrian companies teamed up with 11 contract interiors companies, meeting buyers and making contact with the Dubai-based British Business Group and the Association of Professional Interior Designers.

The ‘Exclusive Showcase of High Quality British Design and Interiors’ event took place at the prestigious Al Murooj Rotana Hotel and the West Midlands companies picked up orders and/or are arranging further contact.
While showcasing their products, the West Midlands companies also had the opportunity to take part in the industry seminar programme that included discussions on trends in contemporary design and sustainability issues. Jacqui Pountney, Chief Executive of the Walsall Equestrian Society said of the event: “We were delighted at the success of the venture and our equestrian members were very pleased to be part of it. They made a number of good contacts and we learnt a good deal that can help business develop.”

Dubai is an ideal venue for UK companies to promote themselves. It ranks as one of the world’s leading trading centres and offers a gateway to a market of more than one billion people, covering the Commonwealth of Independent States, East Africa, the Asian sub-continent and the Middle East.
This showcase allowed companies to take best advantage of opportunities generated not only by an affluent national population but also by the upmarket tourist trade and major property development.

West Midland companies taking part in the Dubai Showcase:

Flyaway Ltd
Frank Baines Saddlery
Vale Brothers Ltd
Patrick Saddlery Ltd.
Emma Wyatt Gifts

Contract interiors
Soul Living
Johnson Tiles
New House Textiles
H & E Smith
NEJ Stevenson Ltd
OER Fireplaces Ltd
Insite Arts Ltd
Marcus Gear Ltd
The Dudson Group
Twin Design Ltd
Clive Durose

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