Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Exploring design opportunities in the low carbon economy

Post by Christine Foss

Interiors & Lifestyle Futures, with support from Forum for the Future and Sustainability West Midlands, recently brought together a variety of West Midland’s businesses with a strong interest in low carbon issues. Participants at the Low Carbon Interiors 2010 workshop included architects, designers, manufacturers and service providers.

The opening keynote was provided by Martin Hunt. Martin offered a range of case studies, illustrating how Forum for the Future uses innovation tools to encourage companies to become more sustainable, see his presentation below:

View more presentations from I&L Futures.

Popular topics emerging on the day included:

  • Who’s buying low carbon products/services and what are the markets?
  • Specifying sustainable materials whilst enlightening clients on the issues
  • Creating motivation and incentives for sustainability

The event also hosted an inspirational presentation by award winning architect, John Christophers from Associated Architects. John spoke about his Zero Carbon House, a unique development in inner city Birmingham that produces at least as much energy as it consumes.

A range of ideas resulted from the event, which will inform Interiors & Lifestyle Futures’ business activity for the West Midlands. A few of these business opportunities may include:

  • A showcase of West Midlands low carbon industry case studies
  • Accessing low carbon funding to support the region’s businesses
  • Developing a stronger and diverse low carbon network
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