Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) event - workshop review

Post by Sandeep Matharu

The power of SEO is truly underestimated and often solely associated with “getting on the front page of Google”. In actual fact, SEO is all about teaching Google and other search engines all about your company, from what products/services you offer to what your current activities are. This is so that if anyone searches for something and your company has something to offer, Google should be able to recognise this and match the searcher’s question with an answer from your company.

In order to teach Google your answers, you need to build a solid SEO strategy and work from the bottom up.

I gained extensive experience in SEO after running my own online business where I became familiar with the high costs that can be often associated with SEO through outsourcing the work. We designed an interactive workshop to run in Birmingham for interiors and lifestyle companies who can learn how to build an effective SEO strategy and apply a solid foundation to their website(s) themselves or via their web designers without incurring huge costs.

Sandeep presenting the SEO workshop in Birmingham
The workshop was aimed for companies who knew nothing about SEO to companies who were moderately experienced. The start of the workshop briefly introduced companies to how search engines find what users are looking for since it’s pointless designing/implementing an SEO strategy if you don’t know how search engines work.

The session was built around three key stages, which when combined construct a solid SEO strategy. Within each stage, companies were given a mixture of theory and then examples and also shown results to highlight the effect. During the course of each stage, companies were also shown free tools which they can use to give them in-depth information. Tools such as keyword research, trend identifiers, and site map generators, and analytics.

Companies left the workshop with a reference book that gave more detail on items covered during the session. They also took away an SEO implementation document which they could give to their web designer once they had conducted research using the free tools they had learnt to use.

I will also be publishing some articles on this blog with hints and tips for SEO. The feedback from the workshop was excellent and due to its success another workshop is planned for 2011.

“Clear and precise, provided invaluable information, increased my skill set” J M Jewellery (Jewellery manufacturers and designers)

“Understanding of keywords, how search engines view a website, great use of Analytics. Mental checklist of good practice, knowledge of tools and usage, anchor text value and great presenter!” Strata Group (Windows and Conservatories manufacturer)

“Practical & immediately useful, Sandeep has excellent insight into web strategies” David-Louis (Giftware designer and retailer)

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