Friday, 12 November 2010

Online marketing event - workshop review

Post by Iain Acton

Online marketing is now an essential component of promoting and growing your business. However, in order to take advantage of the online tools such as, your website or blog, you need to understand which channels you need to use to promote them.

Online marketing experts James Pennington and Gareth Edwards, from The National B2BCentre, ran an interactive workshop in Birmingham for Interiors and Lifestyles companies that would cover website planning, search engine optimisation (SEO), blogging and social media.

And with a fully subscribed workshop it is clear that West Midlands interiors and lifestyles companies recognise the need to take advantage of online marketing tools and technologies.

James Pennington presenting the online marketing event in Birmingham

The workshop concisely framed how the Internet allows West Midlands companies to reach a much larger audience than has been possible before but at a cost that they can afford. Also, by ensuring that websites are set up correctly (search engine optimised) potential buyers anywhere in the world can find companies here in the West Midlands. Additionally, blog technologies now provide companies with an outlet to tell interesting stories about what they are doing, which is highly beneficial for SEO.

The companies at the workshop expressed their excitement at the scope of promotion opportunities using social media channels. They were equally delighted to discover how readily available, free and easy to use online marketing tools are. Designers and manufacturing companies can use pictures and video, for instance, to show off the quality of their wares. Service based companies can build upon the satisfaction of their clients as referrals get passed through social networks.

And, speaking of networks, companies also took full advantage of the opportunity to do some significant business networking of their own at the workshop.

The feedback from the event was excellent so a big thank you to James and Gareth and all the companies that attended. Here are some of their thoughts on the workshops

“My horizons have been broadened” BSA Guns, (Gun Manufacturer)

“Concise bite size chunks and delivery” Mereway Kitchens, (Kitchen Manufacturer)

“Excellent Content” Glassdomain (Furniture Designer and Manufacturer)

Information on SEO excellentJaz Asbury Metal Design (Designer Maker)

Event Location
Millennium Point

Workshop Content
The event is aimed at West Midlands businesses that have or are in the process of getting a website.

• What is online marketing and how can it help you?
• Planning and building your website
• Usability and design – what are you saying?
• How to appear in Google?
• Using Social Media for success
• Measuring your success
• Business networking opportunities

Gareth will also be shortly publishing an article on the Interiors & Lifestyles blog:
5 tips for online marketing success

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