Thursday, 25 November 2010

Find new channels to market through collaboration workshop

Post by Iain Acton

Interiors & Lifestyles Futures collaboration expert Ken Thompson devised “serendipitous collaboration” to help companies find new channel to market through a structured networking format. This unique exercise forms part of our Discovery Stage 2 collaboration event. As Ken explains it helps to unlock opportunities that companies were not necessarily looking for.

Serenditous Collaboration - Ken Thompson I&L Futures from IL Futures on Vimeo.

Event details
Collaboration workshop – Discovery Stage 2
Presenter & workshop facilitator – Ken Thompson
Supporting facilitators: Iain Acton, Navin Sood, Paula Wardle and Graham Kennet

Event location
Etc. Venues, Maple House

Workshop content
Why collaborate?
Channels to market “Serendipitous Collaboration”
Collaboration dartboard
Offers and request
Collaboration roadmap

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