Monday, 15 November 2010

£10,000 Innovation grant for West Midlands collaboration

Guest post by Neil Young

As a business engagement associate for Interiors & Lifestyle Futures, my job is to spot business opportunities and help West Midlands companies to exploit them. That includes explaining the business benefits of the various workshops, and collaboration projects that companies are already involved in through Interiors & Lifestyle Futures. But, an important part of our helping the community of businesses in the West Midlands is signposting other sources of business support. Practising, if you like, what we preach about the profitability of collaboration.

Interiors and lifestyle companies may be interested in grants of £10,000 offered by Innovation Networks. These are available for West Midlands companies working within a group of three or more to bringing a new product or service to market. Innovation is a key driver for business growth as it says on the Innovation Networks website: “companies that innovate are 80% more profitable than those who don’t, but few companies possess all of the skills required to turn a bright idea into a product or service ready for market. This is where we can help”.

Interiors & Lifestyle Futures can also provide companies with collaborative support to compliment this type of grant award please contact me for further info

For further information contact
Suzi Archer at Innovation Networks
T: 024 7623 6326
W: Innovation Networks