Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Hotel market development opportunity for AMS Group

Post by Iain Acton

Back in April 2010 Interiors & Lifestyle Futures’ business engagement associate Neil Young invited Jim Clark of AMS Group to take part in the Discovery Process. A Redditch-based bespoke manufacturer and fitter of retail interiors with an annual turnover of around £15m, its impressive client list includes Debenhams, Footlocker, Marks & Spencer, and Tesco.

We explained to Jim that Discovery Stage 1 is a one to one interactive strategic assessment with the company. He preferred to describe it as a brainstorm. From the beginning, the AMS team made it clear that they wanted to focus on exploring collaboration opportunities in the hotel market. Market growth here would provide the company with a better balanced client portfolio than the current bias towards the retail sector.

AMS Group hotel room for Holiday Inn

Jim, his team and our facilitators (Iain Acton, Colin Copeland and Graham Kennett) quickly identified the key business priorities and the most useful hotel collaboration hotspots:

• Reinforce sales team through shared marketing and CRM
• Network to share leads
• Shared promotion at a trade event such as Olympia
• Product innovation – “how low can we go” reduce cost of furniture assembly

"The session was one of the best brainstorming days I have ever worked in and has given me a clearer insight into my own business"

Jim Clark, AMS Group

AMS has now completed the Discovery Process and is part of the Contract Interiors Group, which is putting forward proposals for collaboration projects. The Group aims to share expertise with other companies in the West Midlands and use collaboration to reduce costs, expand its current portfolio and extend their offer.