Tuesday, 28 September 2010

A growing network, thanks to I&L Futures

Guest post by Peter Wright, Technical Director, Strata Group

If like me you have spent the last 30+ years climbing through the ranks of a company to find yourself at the dizzy height of management, wondering if you have the qualifications and training required to do the job you now find yourself in, then my recent experience with the team at Interiors & Lifestyle Futures would help anyone in business to realise both where they are now and where they should be going in the future.

Orangery by Strata Group

From the pilot project I gained the knowledge of how to analyse Strata Windows’ strengths and weaknesses. Through this I realised that I was too busy working in the company and needed to assign more of my time to work on the company. This change has been difficult to bring about as I always want to wade in whenever the chance arises. Now we are able to look at new markets and with some of the other business tools we developed in the Discovery Process we have been able to analyse their market potential. As a result we are starting two diversifications: one in Nanotechnology coatings and another in solar energy photo voltaic panels.

Above all else I found the project most helpful in the coming together with individuals from all aspects of various industries in the West Midlands. I realised that we were not alone in our experiences and through a growing network we would be able to chuck ideas about to get other points of view.

I would recommend the experience to anyone who finds themselves wanting to advance their business. My thanks go out to the team at Interiors & Lifestyle Futures.